Ball Press Station

The ball press station is a separate technical unit located on the work bank, its components are fitted on a baseboard, by this, it can be relocated quickly and easily.
The equipment has a separate electrical system (electrical cabinet, main switch, emergency cable, terminal). The task of the purpose machine: pressing 3-mm balls into a workpiece called Platté.

The final, good qualification of the complete work piece must meet the following requirements:

  • The place for receiving balls called Platté must be empty for pressing the balls, it is checked through a pressure test.
  • While feeding it into the tool, the ball must not get stucked.
  • The ball has to fall into the pressing place.
  • When pressing the ball, the rate of pressure must be at least 300N, it can not exceed 700N.
  • After pressing, the ball receiving place must be in a closed position, it is checked through a pressure test.
  • If the bi-manual button is released, the cycle stops immediately.
  • In case of 25-sec cycle timeout, the machine goes back to basic position.

If any of the conditions are not complied with the requirements, the workpiece is qualified inadequate.

  • It is indicated by pressing the red button.
  • To confirm the red button and the fact of an inadequate workpiece, can be carried out exclusively by opening the scrap container. The scrap container is open only for 10 seconds, if we do not throw the scrap workpiece into the container it closes and by this a new work process shall not be commenced. Re-opening of the scrap container can take place only with a supervisor password.