Gas Bottle Rotating Machine

The task of the purpose machine: gas homogenization after bottling different gas blends.

The equipment has a capacity for 4 pieces of gas bottles. The size of the bottles to be used:10l longish bottle- height 900/1100mm- diameter 140mm; 10l fat gas bottle- height 600/800mm- diameter 180mm; 40l bottle- height 1450/1600mm- diameter 195mm; 50l bottle- height 1350/1600mm- diameter 235mm. The machine rotates the gas bottles on the basis of the PLC-adjusted work cycle in order that the required blending of the gases can be developed. The machinery is a welded hollow-section framework, made up from a fixed frame, a reclinable so-called table and a 18 deg ramp. The control panels and the electrical box are on the wall outide the machinery space.