Vision system

We have developed a so called uncovering method to the object perception.

Vision system established to the station for inserting rotor parts, is capable to the following:

  • to detect shaft (rotor)
  • to check if the V-ribbed belt is being there
  • to check the M8 thread at the end of the shaft
  • to check the splices of the shaft inserted into the right position by the operator
  • to transmit starting signal to the line
  • to indicate errors
  • to change among different programs (in case of more types)
  • to show images of the camera (on a separate display)

The operator puts the shaft into the existing palette, the Vision sensor carries out the required control, then, according to the results, the worker pushes the acknowledgement button to give way to the next step, or in case of error, inserts another rotor.