Pressing Station

The task of the purpose machine: pressing of the plastic valve into the air compressor.

The operator puts it onto the palette and and tilts it into the pressing posítion of the valve. The worker takes the plastic valve out of the part-container box and affixes it into the pressing machine. They actuate the machine with a stalk-switch to start a working cycle. Then the part piece-sensing optics check if the parts are being there. Afterwards, the „O” ring is lubricated and then it is followed by pressing. We measure the pressing rate with Heidenhain measuring equipment, on the other hand, we preclude the overpressing of the valve with buffer elements. The station is capable to produce 3 types of compressors. It can be achieved by changing the buffer elements and the palettes. The working space of the station is covered with aluminium coating and water-clear polycarbonate. The operator can reach the working space only after the opening of the pneumatic safety door, actuating with a special switch.